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The Üç kız Kardeş (3 Sisters) series is broadcast on Kanal D on Tuesday evenings and is supported with the aid of a huge fan base. The series, which has 11 episodes so far, has an powerful story and a sturdy forged.
The Üç kız Kardeş collection, tailored from İclal Aydın’s bestselling novel of the equal name, has made a totally powerful debut within the Tuesday opposition since its inception. Üç kız Kardeş, who dropped the Destan (Epic) series from the first location in a short time, has end up one of the first-class debut collection within the closing period.

The story of the series, wherein Özgü Kaya in the person of Türkan and Berker Güven in the person of Somer, continues to wonder the target market. İclal Aydın’s leading function inside the series with the person of Nesrin and the help she offered to the screenwriters are also considered as an critical issue within the fulfillment of the collection.

The summer time wreck of the series is predicted for many visitors

We are progressing step by step towards the stop of the primary season of the Üç okız Kardeş series, starring Reha Özcan, Almila Ada, Veda Yurtsever and Melisa Berberoğlu. The summer time wreck of the series is predicted for many visitors, but it’s also an uncomfortable state of affairs for people who are used to seeing the sort of lovely story on the display each week.

The fanatics of the Üç okayız Kardeş series, who’re eagerly waiting for the last five episodes for this season, will maintain to provide first-rate aid to the collection in the next season as nicely.

it’s miles deliberate that the group will come together in August and start shooting for the second season, and the tale will hold from where it left off in September.

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