The Hakim (judge) Turkish123  series

The Hakim (judge) series, which ATV delivered to the screen with incredible claims five weeks ago, changed into a complete sadness. The rating of the collection, whose fifth episode turned into screened on Monday nighttime, turned into nonetheless at the floor. evidently changing the director of the series didn’t assist both.

The Hakim (judge) First Episode 4 weeks Ago

Hakim, who came to the screen with its first episode 4 weeks ago with very powerful names which include Erdal Beşikçioğlu, Uğur Yücel, Ebru Özkan, Yurdaer Okur and Hasibe Eren, made a very mediocre access in the scores. on this procedure, regardless of its very bold tale, it could not enhance its rankings.

Approximately every week in the past, it turned into learned that the director of the series had changed .

therefore, former director Süleyman Mert Özdemir left the collection. He turned into replaced through Erkan Tunç. but, it appears that evidently this huge exchange also didn’t growth Hakim’s rankings.

Hakim were given very awful scores in his 5th episode again. ranking 13th in all visitors with its score in each bands, Hakim’s series ranked 7th in AB and 9th in ABC1. this example absolutely destroyed all hopes for the Hakim series.

Because the season approaches the quit, Hakim is anticipated to make the very last. because it’s miles very hard to look the second one season with those rating points. The most vital purpose why the series were given such horrific scores is proven as the gradual progression of the story.

The Hakim Turkish123 collection

The Hakim collection, tailored by means of ATV from the television series Your Honor, which made a amazing affect on the time it was broadcast within the united states of america, became very strong with both its cast and tale. however, the series that the channel brought to the screen with the aid of making massive promotions became a actual sadness. The collection could not make the favored output in the ratings.

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